Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Build a Chicken Coop - Build Safe and Secure Chicken Houses.

Since the world recession hit 2008 more and more people are searching for paths to cut back on daily living costs like - electricity, gas, and now even how we get food! One example of manufacturing less expensive food is learning how to build a chicken coop. Making chicken coops is easier then you suspect and there is a wealth of information online on simple chicken coop designs to build one yourself.

Build a Simple Chicken Coop.

A badly designed chicken coop is one that is not easily cleanable and hard to remove all the waste from. Ensure that when building a chicken coop to make easily accessible, be sure to have the doors swinging outwards so that its simpler to clean in the tight places. Having the floor space facing on a downward slope towards the main exit door can be extremely beneficial as it lets you to push waste outside easier.

Make Sure The Hen House Gets Sun and Warmth

One of the biggest problems with how to build a chicken coop is making one that is not properly insulated. Inorder to supply good natural organic eggs be sure to look after your chickens. Just like humans, chickens need warm living areas and dry dwellings to insure that they are in spotless health and produce healthy eggs. Confirm when you contruct your own hen house you have the windows facing in the direction where it will recieve plenty of daylight, another handy tip is to install a light bulb, this could ensure your chicken's have heat 24 hours a day.

Be Sure Your Chicken Coop is Safe and Secure.

There are 2 main enemies to consider with how to build a chicken coop -Pedators and High Moisture Levels. The placement of your chicken coop play an enormous role in the protection of your hen house, its advocated that you build it way up above the ground that is completely drained and is in a area that gets plenty of sunlight. Building it high keeps the rats and other predators away and forestalls moisture from building up and ruining the chicken coop.

Also ensure the chicken has lots of air and proper ventilation. This stops the Coop from developing bad odours and moisture from building up.

If you can, place your chicken coop on a concrete foundation. If this isn't possible, dig in a heavy gauge chicken wire parameter around the coop to a depth of approximately twelve to eighteen inches. This can forestall all but the most determined of predators from getting to your flock.

Depending on how large your budget is, to make your chicken coop more secure and safe build your hen house on a concrete platform. This will make sure the house won't collapse and deter predators. The other way is to build a massive chicken fence that will surround chicken coup,be certain to have the fence poles placed a fair depth (13-18 inches preferably).

As discussed earlier its highly recommended to have a easy to follow plans and instructions on making Chicken Coops.

To get a step by step guide on how to make chicken coops please visit the site link below:

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